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3 Electrical Upgrades Ideal For Home Charging Stations

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Sometimes it may seem hard to keep track of all the wireless devices that we have today. Cell phones, tablets, MP3 players, and video game controllers are just a few of the devices that we may access on a daily basis. Instead of spreading these devices throughout your home, keeping them in one organized charging station will help you locate charging adapters and know what devices have already been plugged in. As you set up a charging station for your devices, there are three electrical upgrades you can add to the area. Each of these upgrades will improve the way the devices are charged and can help increase the safety of the charging area.

USB Wall Ports

Instead of creating a bulky mess of large outlet plugs, an electrician can install USB ports to standard outlet areas. A number of devices have the ability to charge directly from a USB cable instead of a standard outlet. This can help save space and allow you to plug in more devices into a single outlet. Depending on the number of devices you have, an electrician can also install an extra outlet near the charging station area. This will help distribute power evenly and prevent you from using bulky items like power strips.

Point-Of-Use Surge Protection Receptacle

It's important to prevent power glitches and outages from impacting charging devices. Instead of using surge protectors, you can have surge protection built directly into the wall with a point-of-use surge protection receptacle. This receptacle looks like a standard outlet area except it has surge protection built right into it. This allows you to plug in your devices and not worry about them shorting out or having errors due to power issues.

Venting Fans

As devices are charging, a lot of heat can build up in the area. Help keep your devices cool and prevent them from overheating by installing venting fans near the charging station. An electrician can install a venting fan that carries the warm out of the area and through a vent that escapes the home. Depending on your home configuration, the vent can be installed directly over the charging area or on a side wall so that it sits closer. These fans should be turned on during warm days or when a lot of the devices are charging at once. It can help eliminate a lot of the heat that forms.

Contact an electrician with your plans or ideas for the charging station. They may have extra supplies or products that can help improve the station even more.