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4 Electrical Upgrades Ideal For Backyard Movie Theaters

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Thanks to modern technology, the idea of a drive-in movie theater is now affordable in your own backyard. DVDs, Blu-Ray discs, and digital streaming services can all be displayed on portable projection screens right off the back patio. As you plan your backyard movie theater, there are multiple enhancements you can apply to make the area more comfortable, appealing, and easy to set up. By hiring an electrician, you can have four upgrades installed in the backyard specifically for use with a movie theater. See how each of these upgrades can improve the movie viewing experience.

Underground Conduits

Instead of creating a maze of extension cables and cords, an electrician has the ability to install underground conduits in your backyard. The conduits are protective pipes that can hold electrical wiring and other cables for use with your projection scene and set up. One of the biggest advantages that comes with the underground conduit is the ability to wire speakers to the movie theater. This allows you to have optimal sound quality and speaker placement while enjoying movies.

Extra Outlet Installations

Along with the conduits, an electrician can install extra outlets to your backyard area. The outlets can supply you with power sources for a variety of accessories. Along with the projection screen and video device, the outlets can used for popcorn makers or other snack appliances. This allows you to make snacks and food right out at the theater area instead of constantly going in and out of the house.

Radiant Patio Heating

Do not limit your backyard movie viewing to just the summer months. Instead, an electrician can install radiant patio heating. These electric heating elements are installed directly underneath the patio surface. They can distribute a warmth that you allows you to sit outside and stay comfortable while watching movies. When laying out on the patio, the radiant heat is a great way to warm up blankets and remove the chills that come with cooler nights. Along with providing body heat, the radiant patio heating can help dry up rain water or melt snow. This can keep the patio area clear for movie enjoyment throughout the whole year.

Light Dimmer Switches

Bright lights can impact the contrast and visuals on your projection screen. Instead of making the back patio completely dark, you can supply light as needed by having a dimmer switch installed. A dimmer switch can set the lights to varying levels of brightness and really make a big difference in visuals for your backyard. Many of the dimmer switches can be set to a remote so you do not have to get up to adjust the lights.

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