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3 Problems You May Have With Your Home's Electricity

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When you walk into your home you expect the electricity to work with no problems, and you may not even give it a second thought. That is until you start having problems. Below are three problems you may have and why you are having them.

Lights Constantly Flicker

Lights flicker for many reasons. One of the main reasons is the light bulb could simply be loose. Turn the light off, and tighten the light bulb up to see if this your problem. The problem could be the wiring. The wiring could be loose or it could be frayed or broken. First, look at the electrical cord for any damage. If you find a problem, replace the cord or the light fixture. If you continue having problems, there could be wiring that you do not see that is broken or frayed.

Problems with the Circuit Breakers

Your circuit breaker box is likely located in your garage or inside your home, such as in a closet. This box contains breakers that supply your entire home with power. There is a different breaker for each room. If your power goes out in only one area, go to your fuse box and look at the breaker that is labeled for that room. If it is tripped, it will be going in a different direction than the other breakers. Simply turn it back on to see if your power is restored. If you notice different breakers are constantly tripping, then you have a much deeper electrical problem. The breakers themselves could be bad or the electrical wiring in the breaker box may need to be replaced.

No Power to Outlets

If you plug something in and it doesn't work, it could be the outlet is bad. Plug the device into another outlet to see if it works. If so, then the wiring in the outlet may be loose or the wiring could be damaged. The plug may look like it is falling out, and if someone plugs something into it, they will likely get shocked.

If you find any problems, you should not attempt to repair them yourself. Call an experienced electrician like O Toole Electrical Services Inc to come to your home to repair them for you. While they are there, they can look over all your home's wiring to see if it is in good shape. If not, they may suggest that you replacing your wiring.