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3 Myths About Using An Electric Heat Pump

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When looking for ways to improve your home's energy efficiency, especially when it is cold outside during the winter, you may be considering an alternative heating solution for your home.  An electric heat pump could be the solution to your problems.  They work great at pumping out the hot air during the hot summer months, and pumping in the hot air during the cold winter months.  You may have been skeptical about getting an electric heat pump due to what you have heard about it, which is why you should know the facts behind these 3 myths.

Myth: Heat Pumps Reduce The Air Quality

A big concern that comes up with an electric heat pump is that it can cause bacteria to get into your home.  It is believed that the heat pump will move the hot air into a home without filtering the air at all.  The truth is that this is not how a heat pump works at all. They do have filtration systems, with some even having the ability to self-clean.  In additional, it is easy to wash a heat pump using water and soap, which can help you feel at ease with the air quality it produces.

Myth: Heat Pumps Can Only Be Used With New Homes

Another myth is that heat pumps are difficult to install retroactively in a home, making them ideal for new construction only.  This is not true either.  While heat pumps can be more efficient when installed in new construction because of the better insulation that is used, they are easy to be installed in older homes too.  A heat pump doesn't require new ductwork, and if you have the room for it, a heat pump can be installed.

Myth: Heat Pumps Cannot Be Used With Homes In Cold Climates

While it is true that a heat pump cannot be used during very frigid temperatures that are below freezing, that does not mean that a heat pump cannot be used at all.  It is ideal to still have an alternative heat source, like an electric or gas furnace, for the times where the temperatures hit those below freezing temperatures outdoors.  For all the other times of the year, a heat pump can be used as your primary heating method and you can benefit from its improved energy efficiency.

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