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Targeted Wiring And Services For Gaming Households

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As home automation becomes more popular, there's a lot of things that the more technically-savvy households can enjoy. A few friends or co-workers who barely know how to use computers may be impressed by an app that turns on the lights or changes the temperature, but the many flavors of tech culture can do so much more. If you're a gamer or one of many tech subcultures and want your home to do a lot more than adjust a few lights, take a look at a few ways residential electricians can boost your home's power and flexibility.

Wireless Is Convenient, But What About Wired?

The mobile industry has boosted the way society uses phones--or rather, computers with a small phone function in the form of smartphones--as well as tablets and laptop computers to get things done and have fun. 

If you're interested in more than just checking a few websites or streaming movies, you need a stronger internet connection in the form of a dedicated cable. Unfortunately, connecting Ethernet cables and fiber optic cables in bedrooms nowhere near the router can be both a trip hazard and an eyesore.

Residential electricians can route network cables through the walls for you. Electricians have a better understanding of where vital or potentially high temperature electrical wires are, and the best way to avoid those wires while still getting good distance out of the right amount of cable. Just like in many offices, your computers in other rooms can simply get connected by plugging up to a wall socket designed for network cables.

Take it a step further and attach USB cables for easy device charging when electrical plugs are in short supply. If you want to use actual USB data, these cables will need to be connected to an actual computer on the other side of the walls, meaning that you'll need to dedicate a computer for whatever you want to do with USB aside from power.

Gaming And Home Automation Together

With a consistent internet connection that won't be nearly as laggy or slow (in reference to network performance, not processor or general system performance lag), you can game in relative peace. There's still a few things that could improve.

Gamers with powerful processors and video cards can experience significant heating problems. It's not just you dealing with the need for internal cooling and questionable comfort; computers can be used as very basic heaters to increase room temperatures in the winter, but can be a pain in the summer.

Many gamers play a delicate balance in the warmer months as they turn on the air conditioning just enough to keep their computers cool (especially if they lack a powerful computer cooling system). Unfortunately, as computers cool down and stabilize, the room can become too cool for the person playing games.

Instead of getting up from the game constantly, home automation already has a solution for changing the temperature from your phone. Not interested in reaching for a phone? It's just an app, and home automation professionals can give you a desktop app solution to do the same thing.

Contact residential electricians, such as Dunedin Electric Co., Inc., to discuss services that can make gaming more convenient through better wiring and home automation.