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Signs Of Home Electrical Problems

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Having an electrician visit your home on a regular basis is good practice for keeping your home safe. But another component of safety is knowing how to look for electrical problems in your home. Here are five surefire signs that you need to call an electrician. 

Charred or Buzzing Outlets

One simple sign of an electrical issue is electrical outlets that have abnormal behavior. For instance, any electrical outlet that buzzes or sparks when you plug something in needs to be looked at. An outlet should also never feel hot when you touch it, so this should be checked out by a technician. Another sign is if you notice any black char marks inside or around the electrical plug in. 

A Circuit Breaker that's Tripped Frequently

Circuit overloads can happen from time to time. But this becomes a serious problem when you notice the same wire being tripped on a regular basis. It could be that the circuit is simply overloaded and you need to change where you plug things in. But this problem could also point to faulty wiring, which could be a hazard. 

Oversized Circuit Breakers

Another issue to check for is oversized circuit breakers. If you have inherited a home with 20-amp circuit breakers, then consider having an electrical services technician to your home to bring them down to a 15-amp size. The 20-amp circuit breakers can cause more fire hazards as the circuits can get overloaded more easily. 

Lights that Flicker Often

Another sign to look for is lights that flicker on and off. Your electrical input should be able to provide a steady current of electricity to your home lights. If it doesn't, it's a sign that there is faulty wiring in that area. 

Minor Shocks When Turning On Appliances or Lights

Finally, if you notice any kind of tingle or buzz, or even a minor shock when you plug in an appliance or turn on a light, then it's important to have this problem looked at by a your electrical services to make sure that the wires are grounded properly. 

If you notice any of these five issues, then it's a good idea to call an electrician as soon as possible. Faulty electrical wiring can lead to serious problems such as shocks and electrical fires. Even if it turns out to be a simple fix, getting an electrician like Action Electric out to your home could potentially save a life.