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Three Reasons To Consider Getting A New Electrical Panel

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If you have an older home, then it's possible the electrical system and circuit panel are old too. The electrical panel could be near the end of its lifespan or it may not be powerful enough for all your modern appliances. The solution is to hire an electrician to put in a new panel. Here are some reasons you may want to have this done.

The Circuit Breakers Are Worn Out

If you overload a circuit, it will trip a breaker and shut off the power. When your power usage doesn't change and you suddenly have problems with a breaker going off all the time, it could be a sign of problems with the circuit panel. Another indication of trouble could be a breaker that trips off and won't turn back on. A more serious problem is when you overload a circuit and the breaker doesn't flip off. When this happens, the wiring can heat up too much and increase the risk of a fire. If you notice cords or the wall getting warm when you use an outlet or appliance, call an electrician to figure out the problem and fix it before a malfunctioning electrical panel causes a fire.

Your Home Demands More Power

Even if your old circuit panel works fine, it might be unable to keep up with the power demands for modern appliances. You may need a new panel if you install a tankless water heater or new appliances. You might need a larger panel with more circuits if you plan to add more outlets to your home to handle all your televisions, computers, and other electrical equipment. A panel upgrade might be needed if you want to install a workshop and use power tools that demand a lot of power.

An electrician can install a new panel with plenty of circuits that allows you to run multiple tools, appliances, and electronics without causing circuits to trip. Having the appropriate power level distributed throughout your house can also reduce the risk of fire when you no longer have to overload a single circuit to handle your power needs.

Your Electrical Panel Is Old

Circuit panels last a long time, but they eventually wear down. Some models wear out quicker than others. If you're planning to add new outlets or renovate your home anyway, it's a good time to have your electrical system inspected and upgraded too. An electrician will evaluate the brand of panel you have installed and consider its safety record along with its age to determine if it is reaching the end of its lifespan. Knowing the panel needs to be replaced soon gives you time to prepare for the expense, which is more convenient than having your power go out and needing emergency repairs or replacement.

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